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Look professional, credible and unique with an email address personalized to your domain. You can forward all mail sent to your forwarding account to any other email so you can look professional without needing to create a new address.
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    Serious Internet entrepreneurs require tailored design solution and immersive power. Let us give you a design that fits your needs at very low costs.
    Unlimited pages
    Responsive websites
    Flexible package
    First-class support included
    From: Ksh18,800


    Clean, beautifully styled, mobile friendly designs suitable for both corporate and creative businesses. fresh, modern, help your business stand out.
    On all modern devices
    Mobile device friendly websites
    Corporate and .....
    Creative businesses
    From: ksh18,800/yr


    Responsive Web Design is essential in web development nowadays. With the increasing number of people using mobile devices for shopping, web ....
    Responsive websites
    Professional Slideshows
    Nice, beautiful and easy-to-use
    Multipurpose Business Designs
    From: Ksh18,800

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    Web technology is moving at lightning speed. Everyday there are new innovations to apply to the creation of your Web presence.
    JavaScript, ETC..
    CMS: Joomla, Wordpress
    From: Ksh18,800

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    We offer affordable hosting services for all of the websites we build. Hosting your website allows us to build and test your site more easily.
    Register New Domains
    Transfer Existing Domains
    Branded Email Accounts
    Bulk Domain Discounts
    From: Ksh4,800/Yr

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    Social media and your website should work seamlessly together to promote your online brand and increase awareness of your marketing efforts.......
    Facebook, Twitter
    Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn
    Yahoo, Instagram
    Amazon, Meetup
    From: Ksh18,800
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    starter hosting

    Affordable hosting solution for webmasters. If you are a blogger or have (up to 3) commercial websites, that's the perfect package for you!
    Unlimited bandwidth
    Host up to 3 websites
    PHP/MySQL enabled
    First-class support included
    From: Ksh 4,800/Yr

  Top 5 advantages of website for a business  

Whatever your business, organization or company deals with, having an attractive and well-design website will help you to generate more sales. Here are the top 5 dvantages of website for a business.

Your market is worldwide: Summary

You can publicize your products and services to millions of potential customers over the world. Your business then is worldwide visible.

Save your money and time:

With website you can update information for your business (prices, new products, promotion, etc.) far cheaper and much faster than print advertising materials.

Everything about your business is 24/7 available:

People (prospects or clients) can easily learn in details about your products and services options, get their questions answered by just logging into your business website without having to disturb you.

Increase your credibility:

Your website is an opportunity for you to tell your prospects about who you are, what you are doing and why they should trust you. Because so many people search the internet for information to support their purchasing decision. Having a website is a perfect opportunity to influence their mindset and generate sales.

Enhance your business brand image to public:

Your website is an effective way to build your brand image. Not just your logo, the way your content is arranged, your layouts are setup will influence the professionalism of your business.



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Take a look at our web development selection. We have a wide variety of custom website design and application development projects that demonstrates our versatility.

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Why You Need a Website

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Advantages of a Business Website

w2Whatever your business, organization or company deals with, having an attractive and well-design website will help you to generate more sales. Learn more

Principles of Effective Web Design

dom1Like the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, effective web design is judged by the users of the website and not the website owners. Learn more